What We’re About


For well over a decade, Life Training Christian Counseling has built a reputation of compassion and integrity through trusting relationships with the thousands of clients they’ve served. From the very beginning, Dr. Dave and Ann’s success has always been grounded in the triple-braided mission God gave them for the Life Training ministry:

  • Christ centered
  • Biblically informed
  • Relationship focused

Life Training earned the status of being the city’s Outstanding Counseling Practice of the Year, as well as being selected for the prestigious Crystalizing the Prisms award for honoring and advancing diversity in the community. Dr. Dave and Ann Ralston have been blessed to play a part in sustainable life change for an endless number of individuals, couples, and families.

Proven Approach

Every successful team has a game plan! Life Training has assembled five unshakable commitments that serve as pillars in their counseling relationship with each and every client they serve.  These constants provide security, consistency, structure, and boundaries as we provide guidance for a myriad of life issues in an ever-changing world (Ephesians 4:14).

  • Guide each client in deepening their relationship with Jesus – the ultimate hope for every life situation
  • Blanket each client in prayer – before, during, and after every session, as well as in our daily prayers
  • Anchor each client in the Bible – growing their reliance on the definitive source of truth and counsel
  • Assess each client’s unique, inborn temperament – utilizing the industry’s most accurate assessment tool
  • Counsel each client’s soul – addressing underlying issues in their mind, will, and emotions

Personal Experience

In 2007, Dave and Ann Ralston began Life Training Christian Counseling as a ministry to men, women, and couples who were reaching out to them for guidance and encouragement. From very meager beginnings in the Ralston’s living room in their home in Owensboro, Kentucky, Life Training has now grown into a multi-disciplined Christian counseling, teaching, coaching, inner healing, and restoration ministry, housed in Kentucky’s largest metropolitan community.

In the early years, people came, not because the facilities were glorious or because our processes were well-defined, but because their lives were genuinely changing and they were receiving the help they so desperately needed.  While Life Training now exists in a different community and in much more elaborate business setting, the reason people come is still the same.  God is changing lives!

You Can Trust Your Care To Us

If you would like to know more about our approach to Christian faith-based counseling please call 502 717 5433 for your free 15-minute phone consultation. We love the personal contact of talking to prospective clients and offering prayer over the phone, so please, feel free to contact us to see how we can help you begin to move forward on your journey of healing.