Anxiety Counseling

Is A Persistent Sense Of Worry And Dread Compromising Your Faith?

Are you constantly ruminating on the past or worrying about the future, as if something terrible could happen at any moment? Do you have a hard time relaxing or feeling at ease, even in ordinary situations with people you trust? Are you experiencing heart palpitations, trembling, nausea, or chronic aches and pains that you can’t explain? Do you tend to live in fear?

Perhaps a traumatic childhood or life event limits the way you engage with the world because you fear that new experiences might lead to the same kind of pain. Conversely, maybe you feel guilty because you had a good home life and a nice family, yet for some reason, you lack a sense of safety and security that you can’t explain. 

If you are dealing with anxiety, you are likely stuck in an endless cycle of negative thinking, stress, and overwhelm that is disrupting nearly every aspect of your life. You may be lacking focus at work or having difficulty sleeping or connecting deeply with yourself because of an overwhelming sense of fear. Or it could be that you have negative feelings or beliefs about yourself that are ultimately sabotaging your career, relationships, or dreams for the future. You may even be putting up walls or withdrawing from life in general because you don’t know how to stop the constant thread of worrisome thoughts. 

When you are suffering from anxiety, it can feel like your entire life is at the mercy of the storm. But we can help you take control of your thoughts, develop new ways of responding to stressors, and awaken a new, positive perspective of life through the spiritual convictions of your faith. 

Many Different Factors Contribute To Anxiety 

Anxiety is a common mental health concern that’s becoming increasingly prevalent throughout America. It’s estimated that over 30 percent of people in the United States will develop some form of an anxiety disorder within their lifetime.* And at least 19 percent of the US population experiences anxiety-related issues in any given year, with women being much more likely to suffer from the condition than their male counterparts. 

One of the biggest causes of anxiety is simply stress. Whether in terms of relationships, career, finances, politics, or personal health, stress has the power to compromise your sense of safety, paving the way for anxiety to grow. Then, there is the social pressure—both virtual and real—to be successful and happy, leading us to feel as though we aren’t doing enough with our lives. And if you have experienced a traumatic event or were hurt emotionally in the past, anxiety can set in without you even being aware of it. 

Even faith itself can be a factor. For instance, those of us who grew up in the Bible Belt often fear the perceived consequences of not fulfilling our spiritual responsibilities well enough. It’s as if we think God has a performance standard and we aren’t doing enough to “make the cut.” But at Life Training Christian Counseling, we believe that inner peace and spiritual fulfillment aren’t achieved through a list of works, but rather through a genuine faith in Jesus.

Although spirituality and your belief system can indeed be powerful tools for overcoming anxiety, we realize that the words of the Bible aren’t magic. Healing takes work, and sometimes, that means having the courage to reach out for help. Fortunately, that’s why God put compassionate and understanding counselors on this Earth—to help you heal old wounds and guide you toward solutions that you may not be able to recognize on your own. 

Christian Anxiety Counseling Offers Shelter From The Storm

Working with a counselor allows you to let your guard down and breathe—to release the worries that are suffocating you, and simply relax with someone who truly understands. It enables you to walk through fears and process old feelings without judgment or being overwhelmed. Through our work together, you can learn to advocate for yourself better and embrace opportunities for self-growth that would have seemed too intimidating in the past. In time, you will reconnect to your spiritual self and awaken a healthy perspective of life that empowers you to overcome life’s challenges through a life lived in grace.

Anxiety frequently stems from harboring painful stories that haven’t been shared yet. So, we’ll start by praying for you, and simply allowing you to tell us your unique story in whatever way feels right to you. Then, we will explore your personal background, slowly unpacking any experiences that may have contributed to anxiety’s origin and history in your life. Then, we will progress to looking at some of your fears, phobias, negative thoughts, or underlying beliefs about yourself that may be misinforming your feelings or limiting the way you live. We’ll also help you find the courage and humility to surrender your fears or need for control and give yourself the freedom to trust in your core belief that—Jesus is the solution. 

Most secular approaches to anxiety counseling demand that we cultivate self-assurance, tolerance, and perseverance from within. However, we believe that once you have a heart-level understanding of God’s love for you, you can begin to draw upon your faith to better regulate your emotions and heal old wounds. That’s why we offer an unapologetically soulful counseling experience that relies on Biblical truths, intimate conversations, and God-led meditations that will enable you to tap into the limitless love and hope He has for you. 

One of the tools that will guide the healing process is a comprehensive temperament profile called an Arno Profile System (APS). This short, online assessment reveals your unique, inborn nature, and lets us know how you are wired, why anxiety is a common response, and how you can develop new and more effective responses to triggers. Once we are able to understand the dynamics of your challenges with anxiety, we can create a targeted treatment strategy that addresses anxiety’s effects on your body, soul, and spirit. 

Anxiety, in all its forms, is often based on fear. But we want you to understand that Jesus’s love for you is greater than all your combined fears, and there is no problem too great or small for Him to overcome in your life. We’ve been helping clients reclaim their inner peace and joy—and reconnect with their spiritual identity since 2007. Once you surrender your need for control to God and trust in His hope for you, you can begin to experience greater freedom, self-care, and grace. 

Maybe You Are Considering Anxiety Counseling But You Still Have Some Questions Or Concerns…

“I worry about the social stigma attached to counseling.”

In our culture, we have this toxic social stigma attached to seeking help. But reaching out takes a tremendous amount of courage and hope that we can use to fuel the healing process. We assure you that there is no judgment here. After all, we know from firsthand experience the impact that anxiety can cause in a person’s life, so we understand what you are going through. Fear is already getting in the way of so much in your life; don’t let it get in the way of your healing too. 

“Shouldn’t I be able to take care of this on my own?”

Oftentimes, people experience a lot of social pressure to be self-reliant, even if it means sacrificing personal health for outward appearances. And although God truly appreciates the work you put into improving yourself, He created healers in this world specifically to help you prosper. And while it is important to be strong enough to take on life’s challenge alone, it’s more important to recognize when you need help and to be courageous enough to ask for it. 

“Is spiritual counseling expensive?”

We offer very competitive rates that are at or below the national average. Moreover, our faith-based approach to counseling doesn’t require a lifelong commitment. We want to help you experience inner healing and grow spiritually so that you can independently regulate your emotions, overcome your fears, and believe in the power available to you through your faith in God. Whatever the cost that our limited time together may incur, the benefits of a healthier relationship with yourself, other people, and Jesus can be enriched indefinitely. 

Let Us Help You Overcome Anxiety With Grace

You don’t have to let fear and worry compromise your faith, inner joy, or peace of mind. Please call 502 717 5433 to learn more about us, and to see how our unique faith-based approach to healing can help you live a life of peace. We would be honored to pray with you and answer any questions you may have about our practice or how anxiety counseling works.