Soul needs

Rock 2: Love God With All Your Soul

The human soul is comprised of the mind, will, and emotions.  Throughout the scriptures, God seems to use words like heart, mind, soul, strength, and spirit somewhat interchangeably.  I’m certain that a Bible scholar would be able to separate the unique meaning of these in great detail.  But to the average reader, these often seem […]

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Love the Lord with all your heart

Rock 1: Love God With All Your Heart

In the Hebrew language, the word “heart” referred to the person’s center.  The deepest part of a person where morals and conscience reside.  When Jesus commanded that we “seek the Lord with all our heart” I believe He was imploring every believer to meet God through personal worship.  Nothing takes us deeper into our personal […]

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Big rocks priorities

What’s Most Important?

A few years ago, I was a speaker at a weekend Christian conference for men.  The illustration that one of the speakers used in his presentation just before mine has stuck with me ever since.  He demonstrated how our lives are filled with priorities of varying importance and size.  And what parts of our lives […]

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Perfectionism costs way too much

Perfectionism Always Comes At A Cost

In the business world you’ll often hear people use the term “cost-benefit analysis.”  What they area expressing is that both the costs and the benefits must be examined prior to making any important decision. Certainly both entities can be measured in material terms.  But I propose that the most significant measures are related to the […]

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Ten Traits Of A Perfectionist

I read an interesting article online this week that I thought aligned well with this series of teachings I’ve been blogging the past several days.  The article was written by a secular psychologist named Elizabeth Scott, PhD.  She specializes in mental health, psychology, and self-help.  Although her worldview is quite different than mine, I believe […]

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Lacking nothing James 1:4

Mature, Complete, Lacking Nothing

“Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything” James 1:4 NIV “So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing” James 1:4 NLT For centuries, theologians have wrestled with the concept of “perfection” as written in the […]

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Chasing the wind

Chasing The WInd

For centuries, even millennia, human beings have built their worth upon, what I described in my last post, this satanic formula: MY PERFORMANCE + YOUR APPROVAL = MY SELF WORTH If my self worth was truly dependent upon two human variables – performance and approval – it would only lead to the logical conclusion that […]

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Well nobody's perfect

The Insanity Of Perfectionism

The word “wholeness” is often heard today in church circles and secular community alike.  Often this concept of wholeness refers to an elusive state of being, that once achieved or discovered, the individual will live in some form of completeness or perfection. Philosophers have described God as the “perfect being”— “a being that possesses all […]

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Sloth slow moving

You’re Understood

The statement “You are appreciated” communicates to some individuals others understand them. Even If Assured They’re Appreciated, They Still Have Difficulty Believing They Are Understood if you have difficulty comprehending how this statement could be so important to someone, then it’s apparent that you don’t have this particular temperament type.  Often when we don’t share […]

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You are invited

You’re Invited

The statement “You are invited” communicates to some individuals that they are wanted and included. Even If Assured They’re Invited, They Still Have Difficulty Believing They Are Included and Wanted if you have difficulty comprehending how this statement could be so important to someone, then it’s apparent that you don’t have this particular temperament type.  […]

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