Depression Counseling

Are You Looking For A Biblical Approach To Depression Counseling?

Have you lost interest in or become numb to the everyday pleasures or activities that once gave you joy? Do you constantly battle a sense of hopelessness or low self-worth that is holding you back from achieving God’s plan for you? Perhaps you are overly irritable or easily angered, but don’t even understand where these conflicting feelings are coming from. Or you may be isolating yourself from others to protect them from the grief and sorrow that you are secretly dealing with. 

Depression has a subtle tendency to infiltrate nearly every aspect of a person’s life. For instance, you may be moody or distant from loved ones, creating tension or misunderstandings in relationships. Or you may have trouble following through on commitments and responsibilities even though you truly want to be engaged in life. As a result, you are likely stuck in an endless cycle of guilt and self-disappointment. Similarly, perhaps you are dwelling on negative thoughts or painful memories that are preventing you from realizing your true potential to experience God’s love and grace.

At Life Training Christian Counseling, we understand how depression can slowly erode a person’s overall happiness and well-being. Fortunately, with our guidance and your commitment, you can get your life back, be yourself with confidence, and begin living in accordance with the unique purpose and plan God has for you.

Depression Can Be Difficult No Matter The Strength Of Your Faith

Grief, sorrow, and loss are a natural part of life that very few people, if anyone, can ever avoid. But if sadness or hopelessness becomes so prevalent that they affect your relationships, career, spiritual health, or physical well-being, this could be a sign of depression.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, depression is the number one cause of disability in the US (ages 15 to 44).* It also affects over 16 million adults nationwide, with women being twice as likely to suffer depression as men. And in our practice alone, at least 1 in 5 clients we see is dealing with some degree of depression, regardless of the treatment they’re seeking. 

So, if you are dealing with depression or prolonged, debilitating sadness, you are not alone. Oftentimes, overworking, poor diet, or a lack of leisure time and exercise can be enough to create a minor bout of depression for virtually anyone. And further, traumatic experiences, difficult life transitions, or a history of adverse childhood experiences can also be powerful precursors to depression in our adult life. If you often find yourself stuck in the past or dwelling on past hurts and failures, your negative self-talk and internalized anger can make it hard to connect with your true self and truly experience the life in peace that God has for you. 

No matter how strong your faith system or how hard you try to help yourself, sometimes we all need a helping hand.
Depression doesn’t have to hold you back or rob you of happiness and joy any longer. With our faith-based, spiritual counseling approach, you can find true, lasting freedom from the pain of past wounds and learn to live with unconditional love for all—including yourself.

Christian Counseling For Depression Can Offer You Lasting Hope And Healing

Counseling gives you a safe space to tell your story, unpack the pain and shame of the past, and find healing for the wounds that may still be holding you back. It allows you to be accepted for who you are—to be validated and heard without fear of condemnation or judgment. Moreover, counseling provides you with a compassionate confidante, an ally who truly cares about your well-being and wants to support your personal and spiritual growth. In time, we can get to the core of what is causing you distress and not only pursue effective solutions for overcoming depression but learn to reaffirm your God-given identity and inner strength as well.  

We believe that depression is a negative response to certain life events that prevented individuals from having their physical, emotional, or developmental needs met. Therefore, our first task is identifying what your unique needs are. To that end, after we get acquainted during our initial, in-person consultation, we will send you a link to a 10-minute online assessment that will help us determine the best approach to treatment. This specialized assessment, the Arno Profile System (APS), can only be administered by a counselor licensed by the National Christian Counselors Association—such as us. 

Although not very lengthy, this questionnaire generates a comprehensive eight-page report that enables us to understand your specific needs, vulnerabilities, triggers, and where your pain and conflict are coming from. Throughout the remainder of our sessions, we’ll draw upon that information to tailor treatment strategies that target and fulfill your specific needs related to significance, competence, and belonging.

Because we are church-credentialed counselors, versus state-licensed therapists, we can be unapologetically Christian in our approach to healing and life-change. We offer a very faith-based, Christian-inspired treatment strategy for depression that regularly involves prayer and biblical guidance. Ultimately, we want to help you learn how to experience the fullness of how God distinctively created your mind, will, and emotions. These three elements are the essence of the human soul.

In our beginning sessions, we start by focusing on your mind, talking about your thoughts and beliefs while identifying and challenging any negative self-perceptions for false beliefs that may be at the root of some of your struggles. Then, we will progress to your will by examining how these internalized false beliefs may have influenced your behaviors or decisions that ultimately proved to be harmful or unfulfilling. Then, moving on to your emotions, we can explore the complex feelings that arise from those unhealthy choices. This soulful introspection is at the heart of our therapeutic experience, wherein you can begin to see what your life could become if you were to earnestly replace false beliefs with life-giving truths, and begin to live in the authentic nature you were created for.

We offer a spiritually-based, biblical approach to healing because we believe that God has a plan for every human being (Jeremiah 29:11). And we want to help you discover that hope He has specifically for you. At Life Training Christian Counseling, we have been helping individuals find healing for their wounded souls through self-compassion and God’s eternal truths since 2007. With your faith and commitment to change, you can discover the roots of your suffering, learn to release your pain to a loving God, and begin embracing the freedom of a life lived in grace.

Maybe You Are Considering Counseling For Depression But Still Have Some Questions Or Concerns…

“I am a little worried about the cost of sessions.”

Our primary goal is to help people heal, not make a profit, so we offer our services at or below the national average. But more importantly, right now, you are looking at this page because somewhere inside, near the surface, you really want to make a change in your life. You know that sadness and grief are stealing little bits of you away every day and you want to get back to who you once were. Making a small, limited investment in your self-care now can return your sense of hope and allow you to live with greater freedom, comfort, and spiritual fulfillment in the long-term.   

“Can this spiritual counseling really help?”

We have extensive expertise, tools, and training that make for a powerful and unique service. Rather than wasting time talking aimlessly in search of insight and answers, our APS profiling system can create individualized care that gets to the core of issues quickly. And because faith is such a powerful element in our clients’ lives, our spiritual approach to healing can build upon and benefit from that resilient, inherent part of yourself. 

“What if I don’t really know the Bible? Will Christian depression counseling still work?”

We counsel from a Christian worldview, using Christian values to guide and inform the healing process. So even if you are unfamiliar with the Bible or Christianity itself, you can still benefit greatly from our counseling. We are not here to influence your belief system or fix personal flaws. That is God’s job to do. Our faith and our personal life experiences simply compel us and bless us with the opportunity to help others find peace and healing from the brokenness in their lives. That is what we do. 

Let Us Help You Live In Peace With Grace

If you would like to know more about our approach to Christian faith-based counseling please call 502 717 5433 for your free 15-minute phone consultation. We love the personal contact of talking to prospective clients and offering prayer, so please, feel free to contact us to see how we can help you begin to move forward on the journey of healing.