Lacking nothing James 1:4

Mature, Complete, Lacking Nothing

“Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything” James 1:4 NIV

“So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing” James 1:4 NLT

For centuries, theologians have wrestled with the concept of “perfection” as written in the New Testament.  Certainly this word doesn’t mean what we’ve allowed it to morph into in modern day.  But, the question still remains as to what did Jesus (as well as inspired New Testament authors) mean in the use of this word “perfect”?


In the verse from James chapter 1 above, we might assume the three adjectives – mature, complete, needing nothing – are synonymous with perfect, the word used in several translations of the Bible. depression

From this premise, perfection is in no way a characteristic a person chooses or strives toward as an act of their will.  My perspective is that perfection (e.g. maturity, completeness, lacking nothing) is only attained as we persevere through the trials of life, not as we strive to perfectly avoid themdepression

In scouring the internet for trustworthy views on this powerful word – “perfection” – I discovered a great deal of diversity and discrepancy among theologians, scholars, pastors, and authors.  It seemed that the view each held of perfection was aligned with the overall view they hold on the topics of justice and mercy.

Lacking nothing James 1:4Greek Use of Tenses

Many languages – aside from English – allow one word to contain three tenses within the same word.  You may have heard it said among church circle that “I am saved.  I am being saved.  I will be saved,”  referring to the active, present, and completed (or perfect) tense of the word “saved.” depression

I feel confident that the word perfect is much the same, as it was used first in the context of the Greek language:  “I am perfect.  I am being made perfect. I will be perfect.”  My understanding of this is in the completely different meanings of each of the three uses of the same word.  anxiety

  • I am perfect.  When God created me in my mothers womb, I was created complete, whole, and lacking nothing.  All parts and processes accounted for, just as the Creator intended.  Complete?  Yes.  Mature?  Far from it. christian counseling
  • I am being made perfect.  As we move through life on this earth as followers of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit is at work within our soul, “working all things for good,” progressively transforming us into the likeness of Jesus nature and character.
  • I will be perfect.  When the day comes that we are face to face with Jesus in heaven, His word assures us that those who have been saved through faith alone in Christ alone will make us perfect and without sin through His sacrifice on the cross. online counseling

Stop Striving

God is the One who makes us perfect – in our birth, in our life, and in our eternity.  We are foolish to think we can accomplish with our human mind and will what only God has the power to create.  louisville, kentucky


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