Online Counseling Provides A Discreet Way To Seek Help While Stuck In A Hopeless Situation

Every human being was created by God with the freedom to be free in Christ.  Yet there is a heavy cloud of imprisonment hanging over much of the world we live in… every moment of every day.  So, what are we missing?

Man with arms raisedToday’s western culture has convinced us that to have freedom there must be the removal of “restrictive” rules, authority, and accountability.  Yet as an individual takes measures in their life toward discovering this promised life of being liberated from order, structure, and consequences, they discover conversely that their soul is internalizing an ever-growing sense of fear, anxiety, and hopelessness.  How can that be?

Could it be possible that the world has wrongly defined what true freedom is.  Maybe freedom has less to do with being freed from the external structures, mores, or absolutes of this world, and more about becoming freed to choose who or what we will bow our heart and will to.  The riveting question is really not “will I live my life submitted to any form of authority”, but rather “what authority will I choose to submit my life to?”  Online therapy at Life Training Christian Counseling will help you explore answers to these very questions for yourself.

Shame Has Robbed Many Of Their Inborn, God-Given Freedom

Many have lost this innate freedom at the hands of toxic, uncaring predators — many real and others only imagined.  This “bondage”, or loss of the innate freedom in a person’s life, often comes disguised as influences that are physically restrictive, emotionally enslaving, socially paralyzing, mentally debilitating, or spiritually oppressing.

  • A wife who believes she is powerless in the face of a dominant, narcissistic husband.
  • A man who feels bound to the shame of a life of fantasy due to having allowed his masculine, sexual freedom to be stripped from him by an addiction to pornography.
  • A young woman who feels dirty and unacceptable after having been molested in her adolescence by a man she believed she could trust.
  • A teenager who is being wooed by other students who claim to believe in the occult.

Once in this state, it is the norm that the individual will lack the wherewithal to ask for help, let alone enter into public places to receive it.  Modern technology, heightened by the quarantine associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, has opened doors for even the most private of people to receive extraordinary help from skilled, caring, Christian counselors, from the convenience and safety of their own home.  Online counseling with one of Life Training Christian Counseling’s nationally licensed counselors may be the very door that will bring you from a long season of despair into a new era of hope and freedom.

We All Serve Someone Or Something

But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves of God, the benefit you reap leads to holiness, and the result is eternal life.”  (Romans 6:22)

One of the characteristics that separates us as humans from the rest of God’s wonderful creation is our ability to individually choose what we will live for.  Scripture teaches that when we seek pleasure and fulfillment from the things of this world, we will always find our soul longing for more.  Throughout God’s word we read over and over about how meaningless the pursuits of man really are:

  • Wealth – The belief that if I can just have enough material possessions, then I will be significant.
  • Beauty – The belief that if I can just look a certain way, then I will be acceptable.
  • Power – The belief that if I can just control certain areas of life, then I will find security.
  • Knowledge – The belief that if I can just have complete wisdom and understanding, then I will be competent.
  • Sexuality – The belief that if I can just have the perfect romantic experiences, then I will feel loved.

Jesus Has Freed Us FROM Serving Ourselves…

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.”  (John 10:10)

Sin has caused every human being to become imprisoned by their own mind and heart.  As we seek to pursue meaning in life through wealth, beauty, power, knowledge, and sexuality, what we arrive at is a life of jealousy, stress, unhappiness, anxiety, compulsion, and depression.  And over a lifetime, we end up constructing our lives into what we believe to be an acceptable skyscraper, yet find it is standing on a foundation of sand.

… And He Has Freed Us TO Serve Others

“You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.  For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  (Galatians 5:13-14)

Amidst hundreds upon hundreds of religions scattered across this planet today, only Christianity calls its devotees to love and serve others above themselves.  I will only experience authentic freedom in Christ as I choose to take my focus off of myself – my problems, my disappointing past, my false beliefs – and commit to unconditionally love, accept, and serve those around me despite anything that may separate us.

An important part of online counseling at Life Training is to help move a client’s focus from one of self-absorption (pride or fear) toward a perspective of self-surrender (empathy and compassion for others).  Analogous to how a syphon carries a liquid through a conduit from its source to its recipient, freedom in Christ energizes His love to move through the conduit of a believer’s heart, from God’s endless spring of selfless love, into the hearts of the individuals He places in our lives.


Soul health and spiritual maturity cannot be separated.  Our counselors are ordained Christian ministers as well as certified and licensed Christian counselors.  We are able to help you experience freedom from shame, anxiety, depression, or marriage / relationship conflict with methods that are purely Christ-centered.  Please click on this link to learn much more about how our ONLINE THERAPY can help you become a more authentic follower of Christ, and help you find freedom from identity dependence.

Life Training offers convenient sessions at our office in Louisville, Kentucky, as well as online counseling via Zoom or FaceTime.  Our non-profit counseling practice has an outstanding track record for over a decade helping men and women, individuals and couples who are ready to move beyond anxiety, depression, and conflicts in marriage or other relationships find hope and healing in their lives.  Contact us today at 502-717-5433, or by email at

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