What are the benefits of online counseling?

We work all day, pick up the kids, and rush to cook a homemade meal. The household chores are an endless list of tasks that never end and instead run on repeat weekly. We find ourselves multitasking between washing loads of clothes while we try to bathe our children and help with homework while we fold clothes. This is life in many households; it’s filled with busy schedules. And with busy schedules come stress and personality clashes, things that didn’t get done, important reminders that were forgotten. All of which play a part in putting pressure on marriage and relationships within the home. 

What do you do when you need to turn to marriage counseling, family counseling or any form of counseling, but don’t have time to attend counseling sessions? You turn to online counseling. 

Accessibility. As explained earlier, we live busy days filled with congested schedules therefore, online counseling helps us access information and resources at our own pace. But now, let’s say that you live in a remote or rural area, or perhaps you have physical limitations. Online counseling makes help readily available on your time and wherever you are located.

Anonymity. Many individuals have a social stigma over counseling but may be more accepting of receiving advice if it’s administered online. Their this sense of anonymity that feels welcoming towards those who wouldn’t seek counseling help outside of the online arena. 

Wider Scope. Let’s say that you are seeking a specific form our counseling toward sexual abuse survivor help, but the counselors that specialize in this area are not accessible. That’s when online counseling opens doors for you to get the targeted support that you need. 

Comfort and openness. You may feel more comfortable revealing your secrets or inner struggles to someone you whose eyes aren’t on you. The online world gives us a sense of courage to tell who we are without the face to face contact that may feel daunting to many. Face to face contact may be intimidating therefore online counseling would help eliminate hesitation. Such hesitation that’s present when we want to seek help but don’t want to feel exposed. 

Communication. Online mental health counseling offers multiple ways to communicate when you receive online counseling. There is written form via emails, prompts, and online chats. Communication can also be presented in video chat form or over the phone. Writing can be extremely self-reflective therefore to have that extra time to reflect and answer questions can provide more in-depth insight. To both the counselor and the person receiving counseling. 


Soul health and spiritual maturity cannot be separated.  Our counselors are ordained Christian ministers as well as certified and licensed Christian counselors.  We are able to help you experience freedom from shame, anxiety, depression, or marriage / relationship conflict with methods that are purely Christ-centered.  Please click on this link to learn much more about how our ONLINE THERAPY can help you become a more authentic follower of Christ, and help you find freedom from identity dependence.

Life Training offers convenient sessions at our office in Louisville, Kentucky, as well as online counseling via Zoom or FaceTime.  Our non-profit counseling practice has an outstanding track record for over a decade helping men and women, individuals and couples who are ready to move beyond anxiety, depression, and conflicts in marriage or other relationships find hope and healing in their lives.  Contact us today at 502-717-5433, or by email at drdave@lifetrainingcounseling.org

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