Chasing the wind

Chasing The WInd

For centuries, even millennia, human beings have built their worth upon, what I described in my last post, this satanic formula:


If my self worth was truly dependent upon two human variables – performance and approval – it would only lead to the logical conclusion that I will never have self worth.  Why? Because I’ll never perform up to the standard of idealism we humans create, nor will I always be able to gain the approval of others.

Chasing the windLike Chasing The Wind

How about that.  Running a life-long race where there is an infinite, unreachable finish line at the end of your human life, yet you are consistently judged (and judging yourself) based upon how much and how well you’re performing relative to that unknown.  Think about it.  How can performance be measured if there is no frame of reference?  This is why we tend to compare ourselves to others or strive for the approval of others.  We make them the definers of the finish line.  The scorekeepers.  The issue with that is we’re actually all runners in the race.  None of us are in the judge.  And if truth be known, the True Judge sees the race in an entirely different way than our human nature can wrap our minds around.

“I observed everything going on under the sun, and really, it is all meaningless—like chasing the wind” Ecclesiastes 1:14 NLT

King Solomon, the wisest and most powerful man in the world up to that time, concluded that seeking worldly “perfection” is like “chasing after the wind.”  The wind is unfathomable, uncontrollable, undefinable.  The wind falls far outside the realm of anything we as human beings can even fathom or understand.  And that is exactly the analogy that Solomon used to characterize our meaningless pursuit of worldly performance and human approval.

God’s Definition Of Perfection

In my next posting I will share what I believe is God’s perspective of perfection, and how He desires for us to assimilate that into our world view.


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