Marriage Counseling

Are You Looking To Your Faith To Help Heal Your Marriage?

Do you want to repair your marriage and develop a deeper, more meaningful connection with your partner? Are you searching the Bible for guidance and having trouble understanding how to apply or even locate that wisdom? Have you tried working together to overcome your relationship issues only to have conversations explode into anger, criticism, and arguments?

Perhaps you feel lonely, rejected, or resentful because your spouse doesn’t value your thoughts and feelings. Or maybe an act of infidelity or other betrayal has created a lot of intense, mixed emotions that challenge your ability to have faith in your spouse, love, or even God. 

Marriage problems manifest in many different ways. For instance, a lack of emotional intimacy or passion may be causing you to feel as though you are stuck in an unhappy marriage with no way to rekindle the spark it once had. Or one of you may be bearing most of the responsibilities in your family, creating frustration or resentment that you don’t know how to address peacefully. Conversely, you or your spouse may be spending so much time working or traveling that one of you—and perhaps your children as well—feel abandoned or unappreciated.

Fortunately, whether you’re having relationship problems, going through a separation, or considering divorce, there is a way to heal and move forward together. With our unique Bible-informed, faith-based approach to marriage counseling, we can help you heal old wounds, learn how to understand each other more fully, and deepen the spiritual and emotional connection between the two of you. 

Marriage Counseling Can Restore Your Love And Trust In Each Other

Counseling provides a safe, non-judgmental space in which you can both talk openly and without fear of criticism or condemnation. There are always two sides to every story, so you can expect to have each of your perceptions, feelings, and concerns validated and addressed in each session with your counselors. We’ll also help you develop a more Godly perspective of your partner that will empower you to overcome challenges and conflict with greater clarity, empathy, and grace for one another.

In all of our sessions, both of our marriage counselors—a highly-skilled husband and wife team—will meet with you and your spouse. Before we meet, we’ll have you each complete a questionnaire called the Arno Profile System (APS). The APS enables us to identify the needs and inborn temperament traits of you and your partner so we can tailor a personalized treatment strategy that takes into account the unique dynamics of each individual. 

In our initial session, we’ll work together to get an overview of your marriage, looking at the kinds of issues you are encountering and when any of your marriage trouble first arose. Then, we can explore potential sources of conflict by examining aspects of your family life, personal background, previous relationships, or belief systems that may be contributing to the situation. 

Throughout our sessions, you and your spouse will work with us as a team, focusing on building better skills for communicating and validating while learning how to engage in healthy conflict. It is said in Ephesians 5:21, “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” To that end, we also want to teach you how to listen to and yield to your spouse and their needs as an act of love for God. Neither of you will be compelled to surrender to the other. We simply want to help you soften your heart so that you can learn to graciously serve your spouse and more fully embody the power of unconditional love, acceptance, and forgiveness. 

We offer a progressive, faith-based approach to counseling that is Christ-centered and informed by the truths and wisdom inherent in the Bible. We understand that it can sometimes be hard connecting the dots in scripture to help heal your marriage. But with our doctoral-level training in Marriage and Family Therapy combined with our years of experience in Christian Counseling, we are confident you can overcome even the greatest obstacles to your relationship. With our compassionate guidance, you can restore God’s presence in your marriage, ensuring the health and happiness of you, your family, your future, and your legacy.  

Maybe You Are Considering Christian Marriage Counseling But Still Have Some Questions Or Concerns…

One of the most powerful and unique aspects of our counseling of married couples is that in every session, you will be working simultaneously with both of our counselors—a highly trained and credentialed husband and wife team. This enables us to truly validate both the husband’s and the wife’s concerns, provide healthy boundaries in conversations, and make certain that both of your goals for counseling are being pursued. Marriage counseling may seem intimidating at first, but our greatest responsibility is to create an emotionally safe environment where you can restore your marriage and improve your relationship with Christ. 

We have worked with married couples who were so ready to give up on their marriage that they already had begun divorce proceedings. However, we have seen many of those same couples rip up their divorce papers after as little as eight weeks of our counseling. Therefore, no matter how difficult things might be, your situation truly can get better. With the training we will provide you, along with improved communication and teamwork on your part, you can discover renewed faith in your marriage and mutually find a happier, more connected life in Christ. 

No matter what challenges you are facing, we have likely experienced them too. Both of our counselors at Life Training Christian Counseling were raised in broken homes. We have both been divorced, worked through financial problems, healed from infidelity, and overcome addiction to find new life, joy, and purpose. We have walked on similar paths of doubt and uncertainty, and learned, as you will too, that our past is never too damaged for God to make new. In fact, it is often the brokenness in our life story—both recent and past—that often positions us to experience the power and healing God has for us.

Let Us Help You Find Each Other Again

If you would like help in healing your marriage or restoring a Godly connection with your spouse, please call 502 717 5433 to learn more about us and our unique approach to Christ-centered counseling. We would love the opportunity to offer prayer, support, and answers to any questions you may have about our faith-based approach to marriage counseling. 

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