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What Do You Bring To The Table As A Man?

In the article I posted yesterday, I discussed two areas where I feel strongly that many men in our society totally drop the ball in their responsibilities to their wives and children, marriage and family. That post examined how men miss it when fulfilling their responsibilities to specific individuals. Today, I’m sharing my views on this question. “What do you bring to the table as a man?” in the context of family, community, and society. Do you just work hard to make money to provide for physical needs? Or do you have higher, more noble priorities as your motivation?

Refuse to participate in the emotional and spiritual needs of your family

Failing to be attentive to your wife’s needs and the five-fold development of your children is damaging enough. Notwithstanding, how are you doing when it comes to being a contributor to the emotional and spiritual well being of your family? And also, the community you live in, and society as a whole? It’s very possible that you might be totally oblivous to what I’m even saying here.

“Anyone who does not take care of his family and those in his house has turned away from the faith. He is worse than a person who has never put his trust in Christ.”

1 Timothy 5:8 NLT

No doubt, we live in a very fallen world. No one would argue that for sure. And yes, we are each born with a nature bent toward self rather than God. Those two realities should not and can not cause men to think they are exempt from their God-given, Biblical responsibilities. Further, it’s pitiful when I hear a man tell me that he doesn’t know what to do because of they nature of the home and family he came from. For sure that is an obstacle to be overcome. But many use it more as an excuse to let themselves off the hook rather than a past reality that does not have to define their future.

Bring no redeeming value to the community in which you live

Society is built on the family. Family is built on the marriage of a man and woman. And marriage is built on the man being the spiritual leader of his wife and family. If we’re willing to be honest with ourselves, we must admit that the decline in society ultimately points back to the failure of men to be in their place, even when difficult.

If a man is not seeking Christ in his personal life, walking with his wife in her spiritual journey, reproducing Biblical truth and values into their children, and living in community with God’s priorities, then he is more of a liability to society than a benefit. Working hard and earning money are not (and never have been) God’s intention for men. You are created for something much greater, more crucial, and eternally important than you can even imagine.

My prayer is that my strong words in these two articles will prompt you to make changes today. Right now.

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