Christian Counseling: A Biblical Approach to Hope and Healing

Let’s face it, all of us will go through tough times.

Life can throw many things at us, beginning from our earliest years and on through our golden years. Dysfunctional parents during our childhood, our own addictions or those of loved ones, serious physical illness or accidents, financial stress, infidelity, and our own children’s struggles are just a few.

Depression and anxiety can arise from issues like these or seem to come from nowhere—overwhelming and inundating us.

Our faith can be pushed to its limits.

Anyone may feel like they’re drowning and in desperate need of hope during these times of life. Feelings of darkness and despair may surround you. And thus, finding secure emotional and spiritual footing may seem impossible.

Fortunately, Christian counseling offers a grounded approach to healing. But, is it the right approach for you?

Why Should You Choose a Christian Counselor?

Of course, there are many secular approaches to counseling today. However, if you’re a person of faith, working with a Christian counselor may provide you with more solidarity and support than working with someone who isn’t.

In our office, we rely upon the eternal truths of Scripture and the Trinity to guide us in our sessions with clients. Christian counseling offers a holistic approach to healing that includes the needs of both your soul and spirit.

The Biblical Approach to Counseling

Addressing the very real needs of our spirit and soul is imperative for healing to occur. God made us as spiritual beings, not just physical and emotional ones, nor just mental ones. Through the wisdom found in the Bible, we can find very real heart and soul healing.

Be Made New

In Ephesians 4, we are told, “Put off your old self and be made new in the attitudes of your mind.” And 2 Corinthians 3:18 tells us, “We all are being transformed into his image.”

Christian counselors know that believers are called to be radically transformed in their attitudes, outlook, and beliefs about themselves and others. Christ makes this happen. In our office, we strive to help you see the depths of God’s love for you. He wants the best for you and can use all circumstances to draw you closer to him.

The Body of Christ

God calls us into connection with each other. All believers form the body of Christ. Thus, we are called to help each other during our struggles. Ephesians 4 also tells us, “From him, the whole body grows and builds itself up in love.”

Christian counselors are part of the body of Christ. They take their calling to support fellow believers seriously. The growth you find in Christian counseling helps ground you for the years ahead. You can then take this growth and wisdom and likewise positively affect the lives of others in the body of Christ.

Eternal Perspective

Romans 8:28 tells us, “We know that God works all things together for the good of those who love him, who are called according to his purpose.”

It can be hard to see and believe when we’re in the thick of it, but God has a plan for us even in our pain. Relying on this truth is powerful and transformative. Christian counseling can help you begin to see some of the possibilities God is working in your life through both the good and bad.

Maturing in Your Faith

As Romans 5 tells us, “We know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.”

Christian counselors can help you see your struggles from a “big picture” perspective. No, God is not punishing you. But he uses even the pain in your life to make you stronger and learn to trust him more. We walk alongside you and support you during times of spiritual trials so you can develop more completely into who God wants you to be.

Christian counseling offers eternal value. As discussed above, it can help you grow in your faith and deepen your understanding of God’s role in your life. When your spirit and faith grow, the rest of your life is healed and impacted for the good.

If you’re struggling and looking for help, please feel free to contact us. It would be an honor for us to support you on your healing journey.