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11 Elements Of Unconditional Love – Part 2


We often talk about the feeling of being loved. But what about knowing if that love is unconditional? Surprisingly, there are ways to tell if your partner’s love for you is truly without conditions. Let’s dive into eleven signs that your partner absolutely, positively loves you unconditionally. Christian marriage counseling can help unconditional love grow.

7. They’re not afraid to say sorry

Let’s be real, nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes and sometimes, we hurt the ones we love the most. But what sets unconditional love apart is the ability to own up to one’s faults. If your partner messes up, do they stubbornly refuse to apologize or do they admit their mistake and say sorry? The latter is a sign of humility and respect for your feelings. It shows that they value your relationship more than their ego. An apology can be as simple as “I’m sorry, I was wrong,” but it takes a lot of courage to say it. If your partner can do this, it shows their love for you is genuine and unconditional.

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8. They celebrate your success

In a relationship filled with unconditional love, your achievements are their achievements. Your partner will genuinely be happy for you when you succeed and will celebrate your victories alongside you. Being able to share and celebrate successes with your partner is associated with higher relationship satisfaction. If your partner is always there to cheer you on when you succeed, their love for you is likely unconditional.

9. They make you feel safe

One of the most comforting feelings in the world is knowing you’re with someone who truly has your back. In my own relationship, I’ve realized that my partner’s love is unconditional because they make me feel safe – emotionally and physically. I remember a time when I was going through a really stressful period at work. I felt anxious and overwhelmed. But my partner was there for me. They reassured me that it was okay to feel this way and that they would be there for me no matter what. They created a safe space for me to express my feelings without judgment. If your partner makes you feel safe and secure, it’s a beautiful sign of unconditional love.

10. They love you even when you’re difficult

Let’s face it, we all have our moments. We can be moody, grumpy, or just plain difficult. But unconditional love doesn’t waver during these times. If your partner sticks with you, even when you’re not at your best, that’s a sign of true love. They understand that you’re human and that everyone has off days. They won’t hold it against you, and they certainly won’t use it as an excuse to walk away. This kind of unwavering commitment is a telltale sign of unconditional love. It shows that their love for you isn’t just skin deep – it’s real, raw, and honest.

11. They show up for you

Finally, a partner who loves you unconditionally shows up for you – not just physically, but emotionally too. They are there for the big moments like birthdays and anniversaries, but also for the little ones – like when you’ve had a bad day or when you’re feeling sick. Being present isn’t just about being in the same room. It’s about being emotionally available and attentive to your needs. It’s about being there in a way that says, “I’m here for you, no matter what.” Unconditional love is about showing up consistently, in the good times and the bad. If your partner does this, it’s a strong sign that their love for you is unconditional.

10 signs your partner loves you unconditionally, according to psychology

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