Five Element chart

Five Elements Theory – Part 2

Introduction to The 5 Life Languages ® (continued)

The five-element theory provides the ability to consider people in different categories. As a result, we are each different from one another relative to which elements is more or less dominant in relation to the others. Individualized therapy is available online through Life Training Christian Counseling in Louisville, Kentucky.

Usually there are one or two elements that are predominant in a person. Below is a description of the stereotype for each of the five elements. Included is a list of illnesses with related elements and suggestions as to how to stay healthy. As a result, it is good to keep in mind that each element can manifest in both positive and negative tendencies. This depends upon the state of health and balance in the person at the time.

BLUE: Wood Personality Type

Being organized and logical is important to people with this personality type. They plan things well and get frustrated if their plans go wrong. Wood-types are thinkers, their mind is always on the go so they tend to always be doing something. They seek challenges and push to the limit. They love action, movement and adventure and like to be the first and the best. Usually, they exert tremendous self-discipline in order to maintain self-control and composure. Wood types prefer mornings to afternoons. It is important to them to eat slowly, while relaxed. They are prone to nervous disorders, eye strain, allergy type disorders (often products), sinusitis, hayfever and to ailments such as ulcers, haemorrhoids and migraine headaches.

RED: Fire Personality Type

Five Element chart

Fire type people are energetic, they believe in the power of charisma and desire. The have creative potential, are mentally sharp and passionately emphatic. The emotion associated with this personality type is joy. Therefore pleasure is the main focus of these people’s lives. They seek personal satisfaction at every turn and can become jaded, driven to seek still more stimulation. Fire-types appear fun-loving and romantic but in fact may be unable to sustain their interest and excitement without external props and other people’s attention. They dislike being alone. By themselves they feel lifeless; in company they come alive. Their easy excitability manifests as giggling and talkativeness. When they are not up, they are down. They feel empty and hopeless when not filled with excitement.

YELLOW: Earth Personality Type

Earth type people are calm in temperament. They love to be needed and helpful to others. Therefore, Earth type people can often be tormented by their over-concern for details and can become caught up in circular thinking from which there is no escape. Other people can depend on this type of person because they are reliable, sympathetic, and good caretakers. They can become possessive, inquisitive, and domineering in an effort to control their environment. Without the demands of work or responsibility to others, they can become inert, dropping back into the well-worn trails of their own mind.

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WHITE: Metal Personality Type

Metal type people are often hasty, yet able to adjust to different environments. , They often choose official duties and tend to be surrounded by an aura of sadness. They like definition, structure and discipline; they seek to live according to reason and principle. Metal type people arrange their lives for the purpose of avoiding risks and the vagaries of passion. Their striving for self-protection may keep them too detached and inaccessible, fearful of true intimacy. They tend to be pleasant but cool. They design their lives to keep their feelings in.

BLACK: Water Personality Type

Water type people are articulate, clever and introspective, self-contained and self-sufficient. They are penetrating, critical and scrutinising, seeking knowledge and understanding. They like to remain hidden, enigmatic and anonymous. Fear is the emotion related to the Water element. Someone who is in the grip of fear can think of only escapes. Their life is dominated by the expectation of threat. Therefore, they tend to isolate themselves and hide from the world. They prefer to be left alone. They often anticipate the worst, imagining calamity and disaster lurking around every corner. Critical and cynical, they believe the world is fundamentally harsh, unsafe and unfriendly. Their isolation may eventually cut them off from life, leaving them cold and as hard as stone, impenetrable and devoid of spirit. They need to offset their toughness, bluntness and detachment with tenderness, sensitivity and openness, risking softness and contact, exposure and attachment.

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