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Is Depression a Sin?

Don’t get tangled up in the notion that depression is a sin. Many people ask this question when they are trying to understand their own emotional state or that of someone close to them. Well-meaning Christians, who lack understanding of depression, often exacerbate the situation by making statements such as: “You simply need to have more faith,” or “There must be sin in your life, otherwise you wouldn’t feel like this,” or even “If you prayed harder (read the Bible more, had a deeper walk with the Lord), you wouldn’t have this problem.” To someone who already feels guilty about everything, this just piles on even more guilt,

Depression can, in many instances, have a physical cause. So can alcoholism and several other things spoken against in the Bible. The tendency toward depression or alcoholism is not a sin; giving in to them, however, is a sin.

When Depression Starts

Above anything else, make sure you’re still reading the Bible and praying. Depression often makes you want to do the opposite. But you have the power, in Christ, to do what God wills. You can say no to your emotions and yes to God during these times.

Thank God for loving you and bringing you through the bout of depression. This is important. Both of these first two actions go against what you feel. Your depression makes you want to stay away from everyone — including God. And it also makes you feel as if no one could really love you — including God. But in reading the Bible, praying to God and thanking God for His love, you are saying that God’s Word, not your present emotional outlook is your authority. In thanking God for bringing you through the depression, you are also exercising your faith in God and in His Word, precisely at the moment you don’t feel like doing it.

Depression Can Strengthen Your Faith

It’s critical that you learn that life looks a great deal more bleak when you’re depressed. Therefore, any decision you make during this. time is bound to be colored by a false sense of what’s going on in your relationships, you business and your family. Taking these steps actually may allow you to have greater faith than many who never experience depression. That’s because you learn to thank God for taking care of you and loving you even when you can’t feel or see it. For example, look at these verses from the Bible. If, when depressed, you can trust God to take care of you and bring you through your bout safely, then you’re exercising faith.

If you can believe He loves you even when you don’t feel loved, that’s faith. In fact, perhaps the person fighting depression who trusts in God has the greatest faith of all!

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. This is what the ancients for commended for.”

Hebrews 11:1-2

“We live by faith, not by sight.”

2 Corinthians 5:7

Your depression is not a sin in and of itself. But how you respond to that depression will determine if you sin.

Perhaps, when you feel that horrible negative emotion coming on, you usually say something like: “Oh no, here it comes again. I’m in for a horrible time.” Next time, however, say this instead: “Heavenly Father, here is an opportunity for me to show great faith and grow in you. May I be faithful to you during this time.” It might not stop the depression, but it can surely transform what it does to your life! And it can help you remain true to God even in the midst of emotional storms.

Christ-Centered Counseling Helps You Face Depression

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