You are admired

The Language That Says “You’re Admired”

How Do I Identity This Person?

Common Needs

Need To BelongNeed To Be PowerfulNeed To Be Known
Needs control; needs social interaction
for the purpose of motivating others toward their goals; needs to be followed by others; needs to make decisions based on facts; needs achievement and accomplishment; needs constant recognition for their achievements and accomplishments; needs a great amount of control over their environment; needs mastery over pertinent information and content; needs accuracy, efficiency, and perfection; needs time away from people and socialization
Needs control; need achievement and accomplishment; needs constant recognition for their achievements and accomplishments; needs to have tasks performed correctly, efficiently, and to their expectation; needs to be followed by others; needs a great amount of control over people’s lives and behaviors; needs to associate with people who need them or are weaker than them; needs time away from people and interactionNeeds control; needs to receive love and affection on their terms; needs to be followed, trusted, and respected; needs to be with people who are supportive of and believe in them; needs time away from people who aren’t supportive

Common Strengths

Need To BelongNeed To Be PowerfulNeed To Be Known
Is confident; outgoing; tough-minded; perfectionistic; good mind for envisioning new projects; extrovert of highly selective nature; highly personable and charming, open, and friendly, but doesn’t really like people; able to inspire great numbers of people; socially very optimistic and well- liked; draws others into their charm; appears relational but is actually task oriented; high intellectual abilities; fast paced; undertakes projects quickly and efficiently; very good at envisioning new projects and goalsIs very organized
and disciplined;
leads by influence; tough-willed;
excellent leadership abilities; efficient, well-disciplined,
and military-like
in carrying out responsibilities; capable of making quality decisions based on facts rather than feelings; makes quick, intuitive decisions; capable of taking on great responsibilities that might overwhelm others; has will- power to carry things through to completion; prefers to lead people who support their plans and goals; attracts weaker or needy people
Is bright; open; optimistic; outgoing; expresses a great deal of love and affection; approaches only
select people for
deep relationships; affectionate; appears to want deep relationships, but
in reality, does not; turns away when approached by others for affection; must
be shown love and affection according to their terms; very few emotions and feelings; cautious in expressing the emotions they do have

Common Weaknesses

Need To BelongNeed To Be PowerfulNeed To Be Known
People user; walks
over people; uses social connections as a means of reaching their goals; can appear arrogant; cruel, abusive temper; uses intellect as a weapon; ignore pitfalls in their plans and goals; questions other people’s means and methods; always know the “best” way; angry if accomplishments aren’t recognized
Capable of undertaking any behavior necessary in order to control outcomes; end justifies the means; tolerates almost no interference from others; seldom trusts others with projects; believes no one can do it as well as them; often experiences burnout; angry if accomplishments aren’t recognized; accepts no input or control from others; leads by domination; puts down and discourages others; loses respect for and holds in contempt those they perceive as weak; treats weak people cruelly; avoids people they cannot controlPushes away deep relationships if not on their terms; indirect behavior; rejects people; rejects the love and affection of people; angry and cruel to those who resist their manipulation for love and affection; extremely self- centered; disregards the emotional needs and wants of others; considers compassion, tenderness, and warmth as weak and undesirable;

Common Responses To Unmet Needs

Need To BelongNeed To Be PowerfulNeed To Be Known
Dominates surroundings; proves others to be wrong or inferior;Causes physical harm or destruction; dominates tasks
and people; creates hierarchy with them at the top; crushes anyone who goes against them
Selfish and hurtful; emotionally, verbally, physically, or sexually abusive

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