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The Supine Temperament Gives An Individual A Servant’s Heart


The Supine Temperament is not found in any other study pertaining to the subject of inborn behavior. This temperament was identified and researched solely by the National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA).

Supines are very hard to pick out in a crowd of people mainly because they appear to be Melancholy temperament. The Supine, in social situations, is often found alone or isolated, however, unlike the Melancholy, the Supine will usually become frustrated in such isolation. They express introversion, yet become frustrated and angry when the people around them do not guess their need to be accepted.

Actually, the Supine is not an introvert. They do not like tasks, but they do like people. The formation and maintenance of the relationship are very important to them. They do not relate to, nor understand tasks, as well as they, do people. When it comes to social activities, they do not give outward signs that they wish to be included. If the people around the Supine do not interact with them with great sensitivity, the Supine will remain in their isolation.

Extremely Accommodating

Supines are capable of undertaking many tasks, especially if those tasks are perceived to be valuable in the development of deeply personal relationships. A person with this type of temperament can be extremely accommodating to others, even at the expense of themselves. The ability to serve people and try to make people happy can make them become victims. When observing children at play, many times they may tend to pick on the gentle child. The gentle child is perceived to be weaker and one who will not fight back, so the others may be cruel and try to dominate the child. There is a great possibility that this child will be taunted until adulthood.

Hands raised in worship

The same may be true for adults who have the tendency to take advantage of the weaker person, the one who is easiest to dominate. They find the person who is willing to go the extra mile or do 110% of a task and they will abuse his kind attitude. Any order someone gives to the Supine, it will be followed. The Supine tends to run himself ragged and push himself to the limit, serving and making others happy—all for a little bit of recognition.

The Supine cannot make decisions independently nor can he take on responsibilities independently. If they are forced to do this, they become extremely anxious and insecure. They tend to feel worthless and inadequate and are fearful of being left alone or having to take care of themselves, so they are constantly searching their environment for people to take care of them. If the Supine is a woman, she will most likely look for a man to take care of her and will be fearful of spending her life without a man.

The Male Supine

A male Supine usually has a self-image of being worthless. This is magnified by the perceptions of society. His gentleness, a need to serve, and the lack of strength and a certain degree of dependency is generally rejected and ridiculed. This reinforces his poor self-image. In essence, both the male and female Supine have a very hard time dealing with our present-day world.

Since the Supine is easily taken advantage of, their life is usually filled with anxiety and anger. Truly, the Supine has almost an unlimited ability for service; however, they serve more times than not for the recognition for that service. When they do not receive that recognition from the people they serve, they can become anxious and angry.

Since they are always looking for other people to guide them and direct their energies, they are constantly doing things for other people that they do not want to do. Because they are not gladly doing things with a willing heart and they are not receiving recognition, they tend to feel used. Feeling used can make them become anxious and angry.

Internalized Anger

The anger that the Supine displays is different from that of the other hot-tempered temperaments. This anger is seldom seen by the outside world and is usually not recognized as anger by the Supine. They refer to this anger as depression and “hurt feelings.” Nevertheless, these feelings are anger that is drawn in and kept inside. The result of this may be an emotional outburst of explosive behavior. In most situations, the Supine will let anger build until they turn away from a deep, personal relationship that hurts them. Once this occurs, the personal relationship will have a difficult time ever getting back into their affection.


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