to be free you must surrender

To Become Free, You Must Surrender

Paul explains the difference in the only two options for life that are given to believers: The benefits we derive and the consequences of our decisions These depend entirely upon which of the two paths we choose to take in our Christian life. He goes on in the text to remind the reader that to become free, they must surrender to Christ’s way of living.

Now you are free from your slavery to sin, and you have become slaves to righteous living.

romans 6:18 nlt

Christians Are To Be Servants Under The Authority Of A Master

Paul explains a principle of life for every one of us who has placed our faith in Jesus Christ. We are servants under the authority of a master. As a servant we carry out the demands of the one who is our master. Whoever we obey determines who our master is.. and dictates which path we take. As believers we have a choice of two masters: sin or obedience. We must choose either sin, which results in death, or obedience, which results in God’s righteousness.

God allows every human being a free will. We can choose to be a servant of sin or to be a servant of righteousness. We can allow sin to be our master or we can decide to have righteousness as our Lord. Bottom line, we are either a slave to self, under the authority and rule of the enemy. Or we are a slave of righteousness and under the authority and rule of God and His word.

We Must Choose Between Sin And Obedience

Whoever we choose to obey in our everyday life is our master — sin or obedience. The former results in death and the latter in righteousness. Every day of our lives, each of us is faced with this critical choice. This may show up in our attitude, word, or actions. Do I choose self? Or do I choose God?

Paul finally explains the reason for his forceful emphasis. Having been freed from sin, by grace through faith in Christ we became salves of righteousness. We have been rescued from the enemy and have been redeemed by Jesus Christ. Having been freed from sin, we became servants of righteousness.Our duty to our God is to be obedient servants under the teachings of His word. During the rest of our life on earth.. a moment by moment choice remains. We  can choose to be a slave of sin or to be a servant of righteousness.

Make The Choice One Day At A Time

Day by day may we make the right choices in our thoughts, words and actions, so that we may remain in sweet fellowship with our heavenly Father.. as we abide in Christ, submit to His leading; mature in the faith and grow in grace – for our eternal joy and for His greater glory.


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