Big five traits illistration

The Five Factor Model

Introduction to The 5 Life Languages ® (continued)

Despite the 5 Life Languages concept being innovative and novel, behavioral professionals — both Christian and secular — have long understood that as humans, we are created with inborn natures that can be known as well as differentiated. The Five Factor Model has gained significant credibility since it’s inception in 1992, and is utilized by many in the practice of Christian counseling.

Big five traits illistration

Same… But Different

There are countless amounts of personality tests. One of the most well known and most used personality assessments is The Five Factor Model or The Big Five. The are a couple of different test used to measure this. One is called the NEO-PI. This is by far the longest assessment test of The Big Five. Then there is the Big Five Inventory which consists of 44 questions. There is also the Big Five Aspects scale which take into consideration two aspects of the 5 traits. Here are brief descriptions of each of the five traits.

Approach-oriented, sensitive to reward, positive, optimistic, assertiveness, enthusiasm

TIGGER is always positive and happy to see everyone he meets. He is always coming up with new ways to have fun. Despite being the only one (“the wonderful things about Tiggers is I’m the only one”) of his kind, he takes pride in who he is and thinks on the bright side. He can occasionally get on the nerves of his more introverted friends.

Altruism, social, affiliation, cooperation, compassionate, politeness

KANGA, Roo’s mother, never fails to be encouraging to everyone. She is helpful and kind, always trying to make situation better. Kanga is often who the characters go to when they feel down or unsure about things, and is constantly supportive of every charater, even the ones who are a little rough around the edges.

Orderly, hard working, industrious, punctual

RABBIT has proven time and time again that he is the voice of reason in the Hundred Acre Woods. Cautious and orderly, Rabbit helps keep everyone from basically falling off a cliff. While he is very patient with his friends he tends to get frustrated with their lack of problem solving skills. He likes his friend but often wants to be life alone to tend to his garden and immaculately clean home.

Volatility, temperamental, irritable, withdrawn, anxious, depressed

PIGLET & EEYORE are classic examples of the neurotic personality type. Piglet embodies the anxiety side of neuroticism, and Eeyore embodies the depressed side. Both characters need their more positive friends to get them out of their shells. Once they over come their fears and negativity they make for excellent company.

Artistic, creative, perceptive, smart, philosophical

 OWL. When trouble arrives in the Hundred Acre Woods the characters turn to Owl who, while pretentious, usually has the answers. Owl’s treehouse is chalked full of books that he sits and reads. Owl has a hunger for knowledge that greatly benefit his friends when they are in a pinch. Owl will on go off on tangents, philosophizing about things far beyond his friends’ understanding. His friend appreciate his wealth of knowledge, but his comments often go over their heads.

Christian Counseling And The Five Factor Model

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