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Deprivation And The Gratitude Principle


As children, many of us were deprived And we have carried that mindset into adulthood. Depravation creates deprived thinking. Deprived thinking perpetuates deprivation.The grratitude principle will move us from deprivation to gratitude in our lives. Deprivation and the gratitude principle.

Many of us know how easy it is to fall into the trap of short supply thinking. There’s a good stuff out there, but there isn’t enough for me. We may become desperate, scrambling to get where we can and holding tightly to it, whether or not it is what we want or is good for us. we may become resentful and jealous of people who have enough. We may hoard what we have or fail to enjoy it. Fearing we’ll use it up, we may give up and settle for less. Deprivation becomes habitual. We may continue to feel afraid and deprived even when we are not.

Examine Your Beliefs

We may react to deprivation in many ways. We may insist that life and the people in our lives make up for all we never had. That’s unfair, and those expectations can wreck what’s good today.

Deprived, negative thinking makes things disappear. We grumble about the half-empty water glass, so focused on what we don’t have that we fail to appreciate all that we do have. The half-full glass of water, the glass itself, or being alive and well enough to drink the water. We become so afraid that we might not get more, or we’re so sour about having only half a glass to drink, that we may not even drink it. We let it sit on the table until it evaporates. Then we have nothing, which is what we thought we had anyway. It’s an illusion. We can drink the water if we’re thirsty, then go and get more.

Perhaps the most profound effect of depravation is that we may decide we don’t deserve the good things in life. This isn’t true, but our belief will make it seem true. What we believe we deserve — what we really believe deep inside — will be what we get.

Deprived, negative thinking can prevent us from seeing what’s good in our lives today, and it can stop the good stuff from hap It hurts to walk through life believing there’s not enough. It’s painful to believe we’re undeserving. So, stop. Now. Tell yourself, “There’s enough.” There is enough for you. There’s even enough for the person next door, too. Tell yourself, “I deserve.” You deserve good things, whatever that means for you. Deprivation and the gratitude principle.

Christian Counseling To Overcome Deprived Thinking

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