Five Element Theory

Five Elements Theory – Part 1

Introduction to The 5 Life Languages ® (continued)

The theory of the five elements is a primary tool utilized by an acupuncturist. It us used to understand a person’s nature, personality types and symptoms of disease. Undeniably, the Five Elements theory is one of the most important systems of Chinese medicine. It underpins medical theory and serves as one of the major diagnostic and treatment protocols.

Based In Nature

Five Element Theory

The basis of Five Element theory is a series of relationships to enable balance in the individual and within nature. If we start with nature first and consider the seasons: The five element cycle is related to the cycle of the seasons throughout the year:

  • WOOD. The onset of Spring sees shoots and buds emerging. This is a time of strong upward growth and the potential for life can observed.
  • FIRE. Summer sees its growth reach its peak when everything is in full bloom.
  • EARTH. Late Summer is a time of ripening and a period of stillness.
  • METAL. In Autumn, the vitality starts to move inward towards the core leaving the exterior to dry out.
  • WATER. Winter is a time for everything to return deep within itself, and to nourish itself in preparation for the burst of activity in Spring.

The seasons and the elements turn relative to the earth element, which is the element of late Summer. Each of the five elements corresponds to a climate, taste, emotion, internal organ and/or part of the body.


Predisposed In Each Person

People can be ‘classified’ according to the five-element theory. The five elements are seen in body structure, temperaments, emotions, behaviors, moods and illnesses. We are each different from one another relative to which elements is more or less dominant in relation to the others.

Usually there are one or two elements that are predominant in a person. Below is a description of the stereotype for each of the five elements. Included is a list of illnesses with corresponding elements and suggestions as to how to stay healthy. It is good to keep in mind that each element can manifest in both positive and negative tendencies. This depends upon the state of health and balance in the person at the time.

Christian Counseling And The Five Element Theory

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