Teen girl and her parents

Choose Your Words

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As a Christian counselor for teens, I often mediate conflict between children and their parents. Sometimes, this is just from common teenage rebellion, meaning the teens are resisting discipline from their parents. Other times, a parent hasn’t healed from their broken past, and their actions are hurting their children. In these situations, the children need…
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Christianity And Generational Differences

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The longer I’m on this earth, interacting daily with the myriad of people groups, the differences in generations becomes more and more profound to me. Christianity and generational differences is no different. How a person sees themselves, others, society, and ultimately God has a strong correlation with the natureof the world in which they navigated…
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Spouse taking off their wedding ring

Divorce Can Be Very Selfish

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God has provided limited circumstances in which a marriage can be severed and not be considered overtly sinful. However, there are even more reasons not to divorce. Divorce can be selfish. Many people—even Christians—offer reasons to divorce that are not sanctioned by God. Here are ten common but illegitimate reasons to divorce.* “I Married The…
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Tearing heart in two

Divorce For The Wrong Reasons

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Pastors and Christian counselors derive grounds to justify divorce under some circumstances directly from the Bible. We’ve already taken a detailed look at these in my previous article. It’s clear in the Bible that God’s intention for marriage. It is, and has always been, that it remain in effect until the death of one spouse….
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Christmas begins with Christ

Creating a Successful Winter Break

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Winter break is often long awaited by students and adults alike. Kids are excited to spend time with family and visit with relatives from out of town. In the midst of the joyful season, the business of the holidays can often leave students feeling more tired going back to school than when they began their…
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Praying hands resting on a Bible

Biblical Grounds For Divorce

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The Christian faith does not promote or encourage divorce. It does not casually condone divorce or take it lightly. But it does allow it in certain circumstances. What might those be? The creation image of “becoming one flesh” provides a clue. God intends a married couple to become so close physically, emotionally and spiritually that…
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